Thursday, October 13, 2011

Reflections for the architectural design project

1. What have you learnt in Semester 2?
I have learnt and understanding more on the criteria for a good architectural design. After much research in this topic, I explored several unique and special designs which enlighten my vision of a good design. Good designs does not Also, I have learnt how to better use google sketchup. I can use this application for future related project.

2. What are the difficulties encountered when you are doing the project?
I experienced difficulties such as:
- Confused on the use of google sketchup and how it works.
- Misconceptions on what a good idea is
- Choosing my final design from my idea generation stage.

3. How did you overcome them?
- I consulted my ADMT teacher when in doubt. This way, I can make sure that I am on the right track in my journal and design.
- I went online to search for videos that teaches me how to use google sketchup.

4. How do you think you can do it better?
I might be able to complete this project in a shorter period of time if I were to redo it. Also, I can come up with a better design with more variations in the interior and exterior design. This way, I can have a better choice of selection when choosing my final design.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The smaller version of Expo building


The main purpose of this building is to provide a suitable and modern place for organisations and companies to hold events, galleries or just having meeting. It is also suitable for personal use such as having a birthday party and weddings. Other side purposes can be to provide people a suitable place to relax, study and exercise, depending on which level and facilities they are using.

Exterior concept

The exterior of the building is aimed to give visitors a modern feeling. Thus, it does not have any curves like domes and a variety of colours painted on the outside. There is a slope from level 3 to level 4. This is so as an area of the land parcel chosen for the building only allow structures on it to be maximum 4 level tall. The slope maximises the amount of space given in the land parcel.

Interior concept

The interior of the building have facilities such as a library, materials room, indoor garden, meeting and relax corner and a service counter.

- Since it is a public library, locating it at level 1 make it more convenient for the visitors to use the facility. Making the walls around the library transparent raise people’s awareness that there is a library there.

- The service counter is located near the entrance for the convenience of the visitors.

- The indoor garden will be located at level 6, where the walls are transparent. It gives the visitors there a fresh feeling, like when they are outdoors.

- The meeting and relax corner is also located at the 6 level, as this reduces stress for those in meeting and resting.

The inner walls of the building will be painted and equipped with lights of cool colours to provide a modern feel to visitors.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Unique designs of buildings

A unique design to me is something that is not commonly seen in typical buildings. It would also stand out so much it becomes an amazing shape and makes me wonder how exactly would people live or go around within the interior.

It’s very much like the Upside Down House in Poland. From the angle that this photo is taken from, it looks like its going against the laws of gravity:

This image seems to be the reflection of a normal looking building through a crooked mirror. However, the architects are able to design the building in real life.

There are some you can’t even say about, like the Hole house in Texas, which makes you go ‘wow!’ immediately:

There’s a Amazing Flying house in Italy that doesn’t really fly like the house in the movie Up, but still, it can move up and down, rotate 360 degrees and move on rails!

Colours and how they affect the look and feel of buildings?

Different colours bring about different feelings and mood of a person. Here are some of the colours and their moods:

1. Yellow- Warm Colour - Associated with intelligence an inspiration, it gives people a cheerful feeling.

Being in a room with bright yellow wallpaper enlightens a person and makes people happy. When a person is happy, he/she is able to think more clearly, giving a person more inspiration.

2. Red - Warm Colour - Draws attention and is strongly associated with romance and passion.

As seen in this picture, red makes the environment filled with energy and romantic.


3. Blue - Cool colour - Blue is a calming and can make a place more creative looking.

Blue is also able to create a cool underwater environment, giving people a feeling that the place is well decorated, as seen in the picture. The blue coloured wallpaper and curtains makes one feel comfortable in that environment.


4. Purple - Cool colour - Purple is associated with creativity and luxury. It is also a simulating colour, thus boosting one's energy level.

In the picture, the wallpapers and bed lining are all purple in colour, thus it gives people a boost of energy and also feel the place is luxurious.

Lights and how they affect buildings

Lighting in a building sets the ambience of the place. Like how restaurants place their lamps and lights so it might suit families or couples. And how clubs have different coloured neon lights in different areas so it will be flashy for club-goers. It also gives that whole sort of ‘feel’ to the building and makes it look more attractive, especially for bright lights on the outside of the building.

As such are examples of how lights can convey different settings and ambiences:

How does texture affect the look and feel of the building?


A room filled with furniture made of wood gives a place a traditional and cottage live feel. This texture selection makes people feel comfy and a relaxed life.

This meeting rooms gives people a majestical and public feeling by having glass walls. It also gives a modern look and brights up the place, since light is able to pass through. No lighting will be needed.

A room made with concrete walls may seem normal. However, if the design of the room is good, it can bring out a “modern” and “fresh” factor. This texture can be considered as a classic for many.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Criteria for good architectural design (consolidated)

After discussing, the criteria are:

Bing Jue

- Functional

- Aesthetics

- Craftsmanship/Structure

Jun Peng

- Aesthetics

- Functional


Kang Yan

- Functional

- Technological

- Aesthetics

Zhang Bo

- Functional

- Durable

- Aesthetics

Common criteria:

- Aesthetics

The design should be attractive and creative.

It should also serve its purposes and is feasible.

- Functional

The exterior and interior design are suitable for its desired function and purpose.

The structure is in a place where it is able to serve the visitors the most.

- Craftsmanship

The structure should be durable and is able to withstand harsh weather

Group Members:
Kang Yan