Thursday, September 15, 2011

The smaller version of Expo building


The main purpose of this building is to provide a suitable and modern place for organisations and companies to hold events, galleries or just having meeting. It is also suitable for personal use such as having a birthday party and weddings. Other side purposes can be to provide people a suitable place to relax, study and exercise, depending on which level and facilities they are using.

Exterior concept

The exterior of the building is aimed to give visitors a modern feeling. Thus, it does not have any curves like domes and a variety of colours painted on the outside. There is a slope from level 3 to level 4. This is so as an area of the land parcel chosen for the building only allow structures on it to be maximum 4 level tall. The slope maximises the amount of space given in the land parcel.

Interior concept

The interior of the building have facilities such as a library, materials room, indoor garden, meeting and relax corner and a service counter.

- Since it is a public library, locating it at level 1 make it more convenient for the visitors to use the facility. Making the walls around the library transparent raise people’s awareness that there is a library there.

- The service counter is located near the entrance for the convenience of the visitors.

- The indoor garden will be located at level 6, where the walls are transparent. It gives the visitors there a fresh feeling, like when they are outdoors.

- The meeting and relax corner is also located at the 6 level, as this reduces stress for those in meeting and resting.

The inner walls of the building will be painted and equipped with lights of cool colours to provide a modern feel to visitors.

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