Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Unique designs of buildings

A unique design to me is something that is not commonly seen in typical buildings. It would also stand out so much it becomes an amazing shape and makes me wonder how exactly would people live or go around within the interior.

It’s very much like the Upside Down House in Poland. From the angle that this photo is taken from, it looks like its going against the laws of gravity:

This image seems to be the reflection of a normal looking building through a crooked mirror. However, the architects are able to design the building in real life.

There are some you can’t even say about, like the Hole house in Texas, which makes you go ‘wow!’ immediately:

There’s a Amazing Flying house in Italy that doesn’t really fly like the house in the movie Up, but still, it can move up and down, rotate 360 degrees and move on rails!

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