Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Colours and how they affect the look and feel of buildings?

Different colours bring about different feelings and mood of a person. Here are some of the colours and their moods:

1. Yellow- Warm Colour - Associated with intelligence an inspiration, it gives people a cheerful feeling.

Being in a room with bright yellow wallpaper enlightens a person and makes people happy. When a person is happy, he/she is able to think more clearly, giving a person more inspiration.

2. Red - Warm Colour - Draws attention and is strongly associated with romance and passion.

As seen in this picture, red makes the environment filled with energy and romantic.


3. Blue - Cool colour - Blue is a calming and can make a place more creative looking.

Blue is also able to create a cool underwater environment, giving people a feeling that the place is well decorated, as seen in the picture. The blue coloured wallpaper and curtains makes one feel comfortable in that environment.


4. Purple - Cool colour - Purple is associated with creativity and luxury. It is also a simulating colour, thus boosting one's energy level.

In the picture, the wallpapers and bed lining are all purple in colour, thus it gives people a boost of energy and also feel the place is luxurious.

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