Thursday, July 7, 2011

What makes a Good Architectural Design

Criteria for a good architectural design:
Good Architectural design results when functionality, technology and aesthetics together form a strong architectural whole of high quality.


A good architectural design is a design which:

Function well
- Cater to the needs of the people, in accordance to the purpose of the building
(This is also dependent on the location of the design)

Good use of technology
- Unique and new, in term of technology used

- Creative design which catches people's attention
- makes people feel comfortable when being in it

Example to justify - NTU School of Arts, Design and Media

- It provides the function for students to study about arts (This building demonstrates a good architectural design for students there)

- Good maths/science calculations are used to design and build the structure

- A unique design which portraits creativity
- Area filled with greenery and provides a nice view


Example to justify - Double Helix Bridge

- This bridge allow users to cross through the waters to the Marina Bay Sands.

- It uses the principles of science (DNA structure) and was made with careful planning of the angles present on the bridge

- The design intrigue the visitors and the walkway is spacious
- A unique bridge found in Singapore


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